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 Energy Saver for discharge Lamps 

For more than decade Bamo Electronics Pune has strived to develop microcontroller based Light control systems as well as Power Conditioners cum energy saving devices of superior quality and exceptional performance. ROBOT Power Conditioner Cum Energy Saver benefits environment by conserving electrical energy, extending lamp life.

ROBOT Power Conditioner Cum Energy Saver is an intelligent device, which operates Discharge lamps such as Sodium Vapor, Mercury Vapor, tube lights automatically at preset voltage levels and with minimum harmonics, which conserves substantial amount of electrical energy.

Features of ROBOT Power Conditioner Cum Energy Saver
 Totally micro controller based operation.
 Power conditioning of electrical supply.
 Energy saving between 20 to 25 % or more.
 Prolongs life of Lamps and its accessories.
 Fast payback period.
 Absolutely no maintenance.
 Since conserves energy, this is eligible for 100 % depreciation.
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