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Programmable Pump Controller

Total Solution of Automation in Water Supply Scheme.


This is a microcontroller based unit consists of Timekeeper and MPRI. Main feature of this unit is to start motor automatically as per the ON & OFF programs given in the unit. This unit protects motor from abnormal conditions like single phasing; unbalance three-phase supply, wrong phase sequence etc. Apart from automatic restart it compensates the loss of time due to power failure till resumption of next program. This unit is suitable for all type of push button starters.

Utility of ROBOT Programmable Pump Controller in Rural Water Supply Scheme is as under.
Scheme located away from the village
Schemes, which works for a long duration in night hours
Frequent failure of Power Supply
Non-availability of approach road to scheme during rainy seasons or any other reasons
Non-availability of Technical personnel as pump operator in rural sector.
 उपलब्ध पाण्याच्या नियोजनाचे तंत्र हाच "रोबो" चा खरा मंत्र !

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